Barcelona, Sorsogon Church of St. Joseph

The Saint Joseph Parish Church or commonly referred to as Barcelona Church in Barcelona, Sorsogon was built by the Franciscans in 1874.  It is one of the oldest and considered as one of most beautiful churches in Bicol Region.

Sorsogon | Barcelona Church | Photo Essay

The church present facade, walls and bell tower are original ones.  Its walls are made of coral rocks and its windows are built high and wide.  It is said that no cement or steel were used in the construction of the church. Instead, beaten egg whites and a local wine mixed with lime were used as adhesives. The church interiors however have been renovated and glass and steel windows have been incorporated.

Sorsogon | Barcelona Church | Photo Essay

Interestingly, the place is called Barcelona by the Spaniards because it reminded them of home. Some sort of homesickness naming of a place.Sorsogon | Barcelona Church | Photo Essay

Sorsogon | Barcelona Church | Photo Essay

Just across the street fronting the church is a park and ruins of several century-old buildings.

Sorsogon | Barcelona Church and Century Old Ruins | Photo Essay

Sorsogon | Barcelona Church and Century Old Ruins | Photo Essay


To get to this beautiful church of Barcelona, take a jeepney bound for Gubat at the Sorsogon Central Terminal. When in Gubat Public Market, take another jeepney bound for Bulusan. Tell the driver to stop you at Barcelona Church. However, if you can catch a jeepney at Sorsogon Terminal bound for Bulusan, take that instead of the former.


I visited Barcelona Church while enroute to Bayugin Falls and Bulusan Lake. As usual, I hired a motor bike and my driver was also my tour guide and photographer.  For a solo traveler, I find it more practical to hire a motorbike with a local driver. It may be more expensive than taking public transfers but I was able to save on time and get to see only the places that interests me.

The old church is charming and adorable. It is very picturesque. Also, there is a free wifi at the park across the street and hopefully it is still working when you visit. I give this place a thumps up.


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