Jordan Visa Application Guide

As of August 8, 2020

First, Jordan doesn’t have an embassy in the Philippines.  What is in Manila is an Honorary Consulate and the nearest embassy is in Tokyo.  Hence, processing of visa application is done in Tokyo but application is lodged with the consulate in Manila.  Getting a visa too is diffiuclt.

Step By Step Guide on How To Apply for A Jordan / Jordanian Visa in the Philippines

Step 1 – Prepare all required documents as follows:

  1. Application Form – make sure to electronically accomplish the application form leaving no item un-answered.  Indicate N/A for items not applicable.  You may download the updated form here. (direct link to Jordan Embassy in Tokyo)
  2.  Passport – scanned copy of the bio page and all pages with immigration stamps/visas and ensure its valid for travel
  3. 2 x 2 ID picture – white background is required
  4. Hotel Booking – reservation only
  5. Airline ticket – reservation only
  6. Financial Documents – proof of financial means such as updated bank certificate and credit card statement, work related documents such as employment certificate and ID or business documents such as DTI/SEC, BIR and LGU permit
  7. If you will secure the services of a local tour operator in Jordan for your trip, you need to get a certification from them that you are booked with them and the that you paid the said tour/s.
  8. If you have a sponsor living in Jordan and is a citizen, they need to provide you sponsorship letter and send the biopage of their passport.  If your sponsor in not a citizen, submit other documents as work permit, employment certificate, financial documents and sponsorship letter.
  9. If you did not book any local tour and will not secure the services of a local operator in Jordan and instead, you’ll do the tours yourself, explain everything in the cover letter
  10. Cover letter – this is to explain to the consul your intent in visiting Jordan
  11. Deposit Slip – your visa payment fee of 7,200 deposited directly to the account of the consulate.

Step 2 – Visa Fee

You need to pay 7,200.00 for your visa application regardless it gets approved or denied.  The fee is non-refundable.  Pay directly to the bank account of the consulate in Manila.  You may refer here. (direct FB link to the Jordanian Consulate in Manila)

Step 3 – Email or Send through courier your Document

But first, ensure that your documents are complete, as in very complete.  If you email it, make sure that all documents are in 1 single file and in .pdf form.  Attach your documents in one single file and email to with your full name as the subject or call 02 5310 5160 first.  If you send it through LBC, addressee should be:

Honorary Consulate of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Room 315, 3/F Sitio Grande Building, 409 Andres Soriano Jr. Avenue, Intramuros, Manila, 1002


  1.  Just submit scanned copy (if you are emailing your application) or photocopy of your documents (do not send your original passport).  You may opt to send original documents NOT including your passport.
  2. Visa processing time may take up to 6 moths. Hence, apply way ahead before you need it.
  3. Visa validity is normally 90 days.
  4. No interview is done.  No follow up on application too.  Just wait when they email you the visa.
  5. Getting a visa is uncertain and only God knows when they email you back.  Hence, I suggest you get a professional travel agent to do this for you by joining a group tour.

What a hassle free visa application process? Join an organized Holy Land Pilgrimage tour visiting Jordan, Israel and Egypt.  Email for details.

As of June 18, 2016

Question: Do Filipinos need visa when visiting Jordan?

Answer: Yes

Filipinos need visa when visiting the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.  And visa must be applied at the Jordanian Embassy in Tokyo through the Consulate of Jordan in Manila. Processing time is normally two months but sometimes it takes longer.

Requirements for Jordanian Tourist Visa for Filipinos

  1. Photocopy of passport (biopage and pages with immigration stamps) valid for at least 6 months
  2. Completed and signed Visa application form (available at the Consulate)
  3. Two passport size photographs
  4. Confirmed air ticket (VERY IMPORTANT: Your ticket must be Manila-Amman-Manila and NO stopover in Israel to avoid delay in processing your visa.)
  5. Confirmed hotel reservation
  6. Bank Documents
  7. Payment of 7,200.00 no refundable visa fee for normally processing. Additional fee is collected for express processing.  Express processing is normally a month.
jordan visa 1
Jordanian Visa Sponsorship Letter

However, if you are traveling as a group and/or joining an organized tour, say Pilgrimage Tour, getting a Jordanian Visa becomes very easy.  The visa will be processed by the local travel agency in Jordan.  You will be provided an emailed visa similar to the Dubai Visa which you have to show to immigration authorities when arriving in Jordan.  Visa fee is 30USD if you are staying in Jordan for less than 3 nights.  It’s free if stay is 3 nights or more. Hence, most organized tours have 3 nights stay in Jordan.

jordan visa
Jordanian Visa

In my case, since I joined an organized tour, everything has been arranged for me.  It’s stress free and a lot cheaper.

jordan exit permit


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