Israel Visa Application Guide

Updated August 5, 2020

Filipinos do not need a visa to Israel for tourism purposes.  Philippine passport holders can stay in Israel for not more than 90 days.

Should I Visit Israel solo or join a group tour?

Travelling solo is amazing but not in Israel for several reasons. One, you’ll most likely to be questioned and interrogated at the immigration boarders not for travelling solo but for security purposes.  Second, it will be more expensive to travel solo considering the cost of accommodation, meals and  transportation in Israel. Third and lastly, since Israel is at war, you’ll be more worried of your security travelling alone.  Hence, I suggest anyone who wants to travel to Israel to join a group tour.  A pilgrimage tour would be best.

Should I get my passport an Israel Immigration stamp?

Don’t! Having an Israel immigration stamp in your passport is a liability should you use the same passport visiting other Arab countries.

Do Filipinos need visa when visiting Israel?

Answer: No

Filipinos can enter and stay in Israel for a maximum of 90 days without the need for any visa.  Stay however is restricted to tourism purposes and work is not allowed.

This privilege is extended as well to Palestinian controlled territories like Bethlehem.

However, because of the present “international relations” of the State of Israel with the Arab League and some other Muslim countries, the presence of Israeli immigration stamp in one’s passport is viewed as a liability.  For example, if I have Israel immigration stamp in my passport, I will NOT be allowed to enter Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Sudan, Lebanon, Libya, Yemen and most recently, UAE. There are also some reports that people with Israeli immigration stamps were denied entry in Malaysia and Indonesia. But no problem when entering Egypt, Jordan, Oman and Morocco. Hence, most people would not risk having an Israeli immigration stamp in their passport.  At the Israel Immigration Counter, the Immigration Officer will ask if you like to have stamp in your passport or not.  If not, the stamp will be on a piece of paper.  You need to present that piece of paper with Israel immigration stamp at exit point.  Just in case you won’t travel to any Arab country within the validity of your passport, you can have the Israeli immigration stamp in your passport itself.  That will not be an issue.  But if in any eventuality you will visit an Arab country, you simply need to get a new passport.

israel exit permit

I opted NOT to have an Israeli immigration stamp in my passport.


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