Egypt Tourist Visa Application Guide

Updated August 3, 2020

This is the updated details on How to Apply for Egyptian Tourist Visa in the Philippines.  Philippine passport holders need a valid Egyptian tourist visa before they are allowed entry in Egypt.  However, Philippine passport holders joining a Holy Land Pilgrimage group tours ARE NOT required to have a tourist visa prior to arrival because the same can be obtained at the borders. Hence, if one is flying for tourism purposes directly to Cairo or other international gateways in Egypt, a tourist visa is required.

Egyptian Tourist Visa Requirements to be submitted include:

  1. Duly filled out Visa Application form obtained at the Embassy and not secured somewhere else
  2. 2 pcs 2×2 photos with white background
  3. Bank Certificate not older than 15 days.  No need for bank statement.
  4. If employed, employment certificate with your position, length of service and salary details
  5. If self-employed, complete business documents (DTI, Mayor’s permit, BIR)
  6. If not employed, submit sources of income and support of travel (retirement, remittance, sponsorship documents)
  7. If an OFW, include Labor Contract and working visa
  8. If student, complete school documents (school registration, ID, certificate of enrolment)
  9. Proposed Tour Itinerary.  No need for flight tickets.
  10. Passport Biopage and must be valid for travel. The embassy wont take your passport

Submit personally or through an authorized representative your application documents to the:

Embassy of Egypt in Manila

7th Floor, G.C Corporate Plaza Bldg.,
150 Legaspi St., Legaspi Village,
Makati City, Philippines

Note that:

  1. Visa application can be made Mondays to Wednesdays from 9AM to 12NN.
  2. Visa processing time is normally 15 working days; it can be shorter or longer.
  3. The embassy will call you if your visa application is approved.  Bring your passport to the embassy for stamping.
  4. Visa Fee is 1,500.00 and will only be paid when you bring your passport for stamping.  Pay in cash and exact amount.
  5. Visa is valid for use 6 months from the date it was approved.
  6. Visa duration can be 30 to 180 days.

For Visa assistance, please email


As of June 18, 2016

Question: Do Filipinos need visa when visiting Egypt?

Answer: Yes

Filipinos need visa when visiting the Arab Republic of Egypt.

If one is traveling to Egypt under a group tour, Egyptian Tourist Visa is available for Filipinos on arrival.  Visa Fee is 25USD + 20USD Entry Fee.  No requirements to submit.

However, if one is traveling to Egypt NOT on a group tour, prior visa has to be secured prior to arrival.


The following are the requirements when applying for an Egyptian Tourist Visa.

  1. Original Passport
  2. 2×2 ID picture with white background
  3. Round trip Ticket Reservation
  4. Hotel Reservation
  5. Tour Itinerary
  6. Bank Certificate
  7. Employment documents or Business Documents
  8. ITR
  9. Payment of Visa Fee upon approval

Personally submit everything to the Egyptian Embassy in Manila located at JAKA Building, Makati.

I entered Egypt through the Taba Boarder because I came from Israel.  I got visa on arrival.

egypt visa


Some Arab countries (like Lebanon and Syria) do not accept tourists who have Egypt’s  Taba Boarder immigration stamp in their passport.  The presence of Taba Boarder immigration stamp means one has been to Israel.  To solve the issue, renew your passport if you intend to visit say Lebanon or Syria.

Eliat, Israel and Taba, Egypt is where one experiences crossing one continent to another by foot.  It’s literally walking from Asia (Israel) to Africa (Egypt).


For affordable and comprehensive Holy Land Tour, please contact


  1. Hi, Im going to Cairo from Israel by plane then back packing trip once in Egypt. Does the immigration issue visa upon arrival since Im taking flight? My original route would be Sg-Tel Aviv-Sg then 7days in Egypt and 3days in Jordan..whats the easiest way to get visa? Thank you


  2. Hi there

    Came across your blog when I was researching for holy land

    I was wondering though how was the experience crossing borders from Israel to Egypt? Is it safe? Some people say that don’t cross to Egypt anymore as the travel is extremely long and generally unsafe. Was it with your case? Or it’s simply just paranoia among family? Was the travel smooth and easy?

    I really wanna visit Egypt as well to see the pyramids and not going there just because of false claims feels to be a shame.


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