England and Wales Itinerary – Day 1 to Day 4 of 101 Days in Europe

Day 1

I booked my round-trip flight with Air China because at the time of booking, it was the cheapest.  I was really looking for the cheapest airfare and I have no particular airline in mind.  I really don’t mind which airline I am flying.  I am more interested which airline gives the best value for my money.  I booked and finalized the routing Manila – London and Paris – Manila 6 months prior to my travel date.  At that time, I do not have my Schengen, UK and Irish Visas yet though I am confident I can be given a visa considering my travel history and completeness of my documents for visa application.

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I left Manila via Air China CA180 departing at 6:30AM and arriving Beijing 10:40AM.  Stopover in Beijing is 5 hours and 40 minutes. My flight to London is CA855 departing Beijing 4:25PM and arriving London 8:40PM.  Air China flight was on time.  At Beijing Airport, I did not go out of the immigration.  I just stayed at the airport full of dreams and wondering if whether or not I can finish my entire 101 days itinerary.  It was both happy and worried at that time.

I arrived at London Heathrow Airport full of excitement that at long last, I have stepped in Europe!  After immigration clearance, I went to the carousel to get my checked-in luggage and proceeded to the subway to take a ride to my hotel.  Locals call it The Tube or Underground.  I bought an Oyster Card and used it.


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After check in, I rested though it was very difficult for me to sleep.  My body clock is still Manila time.  This is normal i supposed.

Day 2

I woke up 7AM and immediately went for my breakfast without taking a bath.  I am hungry because I did not take any dinner.  After breakfast, I went to Borough Market which is few steps away from my hotel and started my London City Tour.  Today, I am taking a full day London City Tour.


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London is an amazing city and a very good entry point for a European Tour.  I was astonished by its urban landscape.  There are lots of open spaces and parks; apartment buildings are lined up symmetrically; public transportation is accessible and there are lots of options and of course, there are lots of choices for a good meal though prices are almost 4x higher than those in Manila.   I like how they painted their buildings with almost exactly the same colors.  The designs give so much elegance and good vibes to the city.  London is a sight to behold and a place to love.  If there was one thing running in my mind then, I want to go back here and stay for a longer period of time.


Day 3

From London Victoria Coach Station, I took a bus to Cardiff, the capital of Wales.  Today, I am taking a whole day Cardiff City Tour.

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Cardiff is less than 3 hours away from London and is very accessible for a day trip.  As the capital of Wales, Cardiff’s charm lies on its history, heritage, arts and gardens.  Cardiff doesn’t feel like London at all.  Cardiff has its own feel of sophistication and simplicity embodied in its environment.


Day 4

If there is one thing I wanted to see in England, it is the Stonehenge.  I remember my high school days when my teacher used to tell us stories of ancient civilization.  I have always wondered how they were able to mount these huge stones into a monument considering that during those time, there were no tools known to men.  Going to Stonehenge is possible without joining an organized tour but it is not as easy as it is considering that I am alone.  Hence, I booked and joined an organized Stonehenge tour.  There was no hotel pick up service for this tour so I went to Victoria Coach Station for thr meeting place.


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After the tour, I boarded for Dublin.

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PART 4 | Day 5 to Day 9 of 101 Days In Europe: Ireland and Northern Ireland Itinerary 

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