Nepal Visa Application Guide

As of August 7, 2020

Filipinos have 2 ways of securing a Nepalese Tourist Visa – visa obtained at the Consulate in Manila or visa obtained upon arrival at the airport.  Both are easy to secure and the fee is the same for 15 days.  I’ll discuss them both.

Nepal Tourist Visa Application Requirements in Manila

  1. Duly accomplished Tourist Visa Application Form – down direct from the website of the Nepalese consulate here
  2. 2 pieces 2×2 photo – white back ground and neutral face glued in the application form. Don’t staple it!
  3. Original and valid passport
  4. Ticket – roundtrip air ticket.  Reservation is okay.
  5. Bank certificate
  6. If being invited by a Filipino host in Nepal with a residence certificate, Letter of Invitation and Guarantee Letter duly authenticated by the Philippine Consulate in Kathmandu

Nepal Tourist Visa Application Process in Manila

  1. Submit all documents at the Nepalese Consulate located at the 8F of The Pearl Manila Hotel in Ermita (just beside LRT 1 UN Avenue Station)
  2. Pay Visa Fee – 30USD for 15 days stay or 60 USD for 30 days stay. Pay in USD only and provide exact amount
  3. Application time is Mondays to Fridays 1:30PM – 4PM only.
  4. Processing time is 2 working days.

Nepal | Nepal Itinerary | Bouddhanath Stupa | Photo Essay

Nepal Tourist Visa on Arrival Requirements at Kathmandu Airport

  1. Valid passport
  2. Duly accomplished Form – available at the airport
  3. 1 passport size ID picture
  4. Onward ticket – ticket out of Nepal
  5. Confirmed hotel reservation or Travel Agency Service Voucher with a valid tour operator in Nepal
  6. Payment of Visa Fee in USD only – 30 USD for 15 days, 50 USD for 30 days, 120 USD for 90 days.

Comparing the 2 processes of securing a Nepalese Tourist Visa, the visa on arrival is more convenient and practical as you don’t need to spend time going to the consulate.

As of October 4, 2013

Getting a Nepal Visa On Arrival (VOA) in Kathmandu is a breeze.  Almost all nationalities, Filipinos included, can avail of the Visa On Arrival in Kathmandu Airport.  Kathmandu airport is Nepal’s main international gateway.

Upon arrival, one needs to take a VOA application form and properly fill it up and attached one passport size ID picture. So make sure you have a spare ID picture and a photo copy of your passport containing your details.  Otherwise, you can avail of the services at the airport but its expensive.  Visa Fee depends on the number of days you intend to stay in Nepal. For 15 days or less, one needs to pay 25usd. For maximum of 30 days, visa fee is 40usd and for maximum of 90 days, you will pay 100usd.  All visas are multiple entry.  No single entry visa is available.  Take note also that Nepal Immigration prefers to accept US dollars for the visa fee payment. It will be wise if you have exact amount to avoid hassles.

Nepal | Tourist Visa On Arrival in Kathmandu Airport | Nepal Visa

And lastly, if you don’t have Nepali Rupees with you to pay for your taxi out of the airport, exchange only small amount (10usd) at the airport’s money changer/foreign currency exchange counter as their exchange rate is not good.


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