Magdalena, Laguna Church of St. Magdalene

This is the magnificent century old Church of St Magdalene in Magdalena, Laguna. The church was built in its entirety in 1855. Interestingly, Emilio Jacinto, a Philippine Revolutionary Hero, was wounded, took refuge in the convent and died here. Until today, his blood stains is being preserved where he was wounded.

Saint Mary Magdalene Parish is a Roman Catholic church in Magdalena Town, Province of Laguna, under the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Pablo.

Magdalena was formerly known as Ambling na Munti, a barrio of Majayjay until it was elevated as a town in 1821.

The first church, made of cogon and wood was constructed in 1820 and was dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene.

Father Antonio Moreno, OFM was appointed as its first parish priest in 1821.

A permission to build a stone church was ordered by Captain Pablo de la Concepción in 1829.

The construction of the church building was finished in 1839 and the construction of the convent was done in 1871. The church was affected by an earthquake in 1880.

In its convent, Filipino revolutionary leader General Emilio Jacinto sought refuge and his blood stains could be found.

This is the blood stains of Emilio Aguinaldo located in one corner near the exit hall going to the convent.


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